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NIS-2 Consulting and Audit Coverage


1. Impact analysis

  • To be, or not to be, that is here the question

  • Even low-profile businesses could be a “special case”

  • Affects all business divisions and affiliated companies


2. GAP analysis

  • How many gaps separates from NIS2 compliance?

  • First things first: prioritization of the gaps

  • Deadlines and responsibilities for implementation planning


3. Impementation of measures

  • Development of efficient TOMs to fulfill the NIS2 obligations

  • Feedback, Feedback, Feedback: continuous monitoring of the effectiveness

  • Build a culture of cybersecurity awareness throughout the organization


4. Audit coverage

  • Establishing the audit readiness of People, Processes & Technologies

  • Coordination of contact persons before, during and after the audit

  • Supporting the auditors during the audit

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